Members of the general public are invited to nominate the candidate of their choice for the Nigerian-British Awards 2018. You are encouraged to nominate from any of the outlined sectors via the online form in nominations and send to us; we will endeavour to publish all nominated candidates on a monthly basis and announce the winners of the various categories at the Nigerian-British Awards 2018.
All information provided is kept in line with our policy of full confidentiality

Criteria for Nominations

Nominee must be eighteen years and above

Nominee must be either a British citizen or hold a residence permit

Nominee must have no criminal records

Nominee’s business must be seen to be providing a reputable service

An outstanding professional CV

Significant contribution to the positive image of Nigeria

Strong Corporate Brand

Excellent customer relationship

High corporate visibility

Creative minded

Quality customer care

Highly Industrious Innovative

Excellent Product Know-how

Unparallel quality of service

Highly Resourceful

Great Visionary

Panel of Judges

Our Panel of Judges consists of distinguished Nigerians drawn from different walks of life in the United Kingdom. They will meet to decide on the successful outstanding candidates and meet on Thursday the 22nd of November to decide on the final nominations for 2018.