CEO, Bantuway

As a leading figure in the Nigerian community in London, Patrick Ideh has had a distinguished and notable career in the UK. Having left the country of his birth in 1981, the majority of Patrick’s life has been spent in the UK, forging a life for him and his family during a period of much change in Britain.

With early roles in both banking and marketing, in 1996 Patrick and his wife established a meat processing and butchery business entitled Bantuway, which, over the last 20 years has gone on to become a leading retail operation expressly benefiting the African and African-Caribbean community in London and the UK.

Since opening their first retail outlet in Canning Town, (in East London) they have gone on to double their retail space, build a meat processing factory and gained an EC-rating for Food Processing in the UK, (the only African-owned food processing plant to do so,) and opened a bulk volume distribution facility.

The latest opening of this trade facility in 2012 was the culmination of consistent growth and Patrick’s determination to ensure that their community builds on the equal opportunities offered by the growth of the black community in Britain.

Over the twenty years that they have been in business, both Patrick and Stella have contributed to the community in many ways and this has been recognised by both the establishment in the UK and the community – both in the UK and overseas. Shown below are some examples in which this has been recognised.

To this day, Patrick continues to build on his success in business in the UK whilst immersing himself in beneficial works to the betterment of the African community.  He recognises that through his business endeavours he has been able to provide immeasurable benefit to both local and African communities and with God’s blessings hopes to continue along this path