Abbey Orebanwo

CEO, Accounts Centre


Abbey Orebanwo Born in the UK of Nigerian heritage, Abbey Orebanwo spent much of his childhood in Nigeria but moved to the UK in the early 80s. However, an indelible mark with Nigeria remains through both family and charitable connections – and this is particularly evident through the charity he founded in 2008, GAAP Orphanage Foundation.
GAAP is a UK registered charity that supports orphans and abandoned children of Nigeria. Its name comprises the first initials of Abbey along with his wife Petra and children Adrian, 24 and Giselle, 17 signifying his commit – as a practising Christian – to both family and charitable enterprise.
Abbey’s dream is to ensure that orphans and abandoned children in Africa are provided for and also to develop, motivate and encourage our youth to achieve their dreams. It is a dream which in a small part, GAAP is making a reality.
He graduated from Greenwich University with BA Hon’s in Accounting and Finance and subsequently achieved his professional qualifications as a Chartered Certified accountant and a mortgage broker.
He has built a chain of successful businesses in finance and real estate and now supports and mentors others seeking to develop businesses in this sector. He has helped a number of individuals buy their first homes and develop property portfolios – and maintains the passion and drive for success that he made him the business man he is today.