Georgina Ayoola

CEO, Wavelength Solutions


Georgina Ayoola holds a BEng and M Eng (Hons) in Digital/Medical Electronics and Electronics and Microwave Communication Engineering from University of London. Funke is first a mother of a beautiful daughter and an Entrepreneur per excellence.
She is the founder and designer of Wave palm tablet PC. Wave Stream Wave Smart BP product under Wavelength Solutions Her other designs projects includes:

– Radar systems and design of the communication system for the Gulf.
– Design of radar system for the UK Metropolitan police as part of a project.
– Design and programming of Microcontrollers used in all electronic devices especially decoder and play station.

Involved in the design of a prototype product organized by Shell that converted electrical energy to light using opto-isolators embedded in CCTVs placed on the football pitch. Received an award for Successful Completion and Innovation of the Project by Shell now used on the football grounds and other areas with cameras and similar technology
The Medical Electronics knowledge gave her the privilege to be part of a design team handpicked by Hewlett-Packard to deploy an innovative Blood Oxygen equipment in 1997 used for critically ill patients and children – both post and pre natal unit of Great Ormond street.
Georgina was a crucial member of the digital switchover Engineers from the onset and also involved with the DVB standard set up by all stake holders. She was also a key player in designing the first Analogue to Digital Integrated TV for Sony where she worked as an Embedded Software/Hardware Engineer.
In 2004, she joined the BBC (Beep) as a Technical Software Engineer and went on to work with various other broadcasting corporations in the UK, Holland, Germany and Belgium.